(wtf is this?)
dealt a bad hand? start over with 0, 1, 10, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 random words.
this app is in eternal beta - if you create a masterpiece, you'd better take a screenshot for posterity, because it may not be around tomorrow...
hints: click and drag words to move them; right-click to delete a word.
NEW!: double-click a word to edit it! press enter to commit to the change.
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wtf is this?

well, it's basically a glorified magnetic poetry kit. it was conceived to double as a lyric-writing tool and a fancy web toy. no plugins are necessary to use this, but you'll likely need a modern browser (i recommend Firefox but IE6 also works). There's likely to be a few problems for Opera users, unfortunately, but you can't please everyone.

how do you use it? well, there's not a lot to it... just click and drag the words around, adding new ones as you see fit. When you're satisfied with your creation, enter a title and click the save button.

poematic was dreamed up by blue t-shirt - if you find it entertaining, ridiculous, useful, or some combination of those, go sign his strangely-similar guestbook, then visit his home page to download some tunes.

poematic wouldn't exist without X, a cross-browser DHTML javascript library. This site uses a slightly modified version of X, and according to the license under which X is released, I'm obligated to give you this information and to let you know that you can see my modifications to X by viewing the source of x_customdrag.js, although i can't foresee why anyone should be interested in my javascript hack.